Ducks give eggs, cows give milk and your gift brings a stable source of protein to those in desperate need.

Protein for Life.. The gift that keeps giving.


THe gift that keeps giving

When you give protein, you give life. You give life to the most vulnerable, the children and elderly.

At Protein for Life we give gifts to the poor that keep giving and giving. Fresh Eggs Everyday, Fresh Milk daily and even a chance for much needed income selling eggs or chicks.


THe most vunerable

The most vulnerable are the children and the elderly. The children who lack protein suffer from a lack of brain development and therefore have a hard time in school. This leads to life-long learning problems, that in-turn hurts future employment opportunities.


THE ELDERLY... When the elderly lack protein it leads to bone density issues, mobility challenges, and many times, early death.

Protein for Life gives desperately needed protein to the elderly.


Protein gives life

In the developing world there are often enough carbohydrates and even vegetables growing, however, many times protein is in short supply. Its more expensive and often more difficult to find.