to Jul 28

Southern California Multi-Church Event

In January of 2019 David ministered in Southern California. Such a grace was poured out of instant healings, miracles and signs and wonders that several pastors approached the host pastor David Rosales and asked him if David Tomberlin could come do a multi church event in the region.

David Tomberlin was excited to do that as he has a huge heart and love for SOCAL, so the event is now forming. If you are a local pastor or leader in Southern California and would like more info— email us at info@davidtomberlin.com

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to Aug 4

Toronto Revival and Glory Meetings

Toronto Here we come! We are expecting a mighty outpouring of the Holy SPIRIT THIS AUGUST!!

David has ministered all over Ontario and has a heart for this region that has produced so many wonderful servants of the Lord. John G Lake, Ammie Semple McPherson, Pastor Benny Hinn and more all hail from this region of favor and influence. David has one weekend on the schedule but would love to sow more time into the region, if you are a leader in the area send us an email at info@davidtomberlin.com

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to Jan 20

New Jersey Ministry Tour

Every year David starts his new year in the great state of New Jersey. Many friendships, miracles and sweet touches from the wonderful Holy Spirit have happened as we enter in together

If you are a pastor and a leader and would like for David to pray about ministering to your group, email us at info@davidtomberlin.com

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to May 12

Bolton/ Manchester (Radcliffe) Meetings


Those hungry for a fresh touch of God’s Spirit come gather with us as we seek the face of the Lord.

Meetings are free and open to the Public- bring a sick or discouraged friend or one who needs Jesus in their life or people who just want to be refreshed in God’s Presence== ALL are welcome

Fri 7pm

Sat 7pm

Sun 6pm


New Life Church

Stand Lane

Radcliffe M26 1 JR

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to May 7

Cumbria UK

Come to North England for a mighty outpouring

David has been traveling to beautiful North England for years. In recent times there has been a mighty outpouring of God’s grace. In March 2019 David’s hosts experienced an unusual move of God’s Spirit with angel’s singing that all the people heard and was recorded on phones. Such an outpouring was there that they trembled to even speak about it. We believe God will do this and more in May 2019— for more info email us at info@davidtomberlin.com

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to Apr 22

Magdalene Project Thailand Trip

Friends Join Kate and I in Thailand for a trip to be remembered.

On this trip you can see David and Kate in their home church in Thailand and visit a ministry that helps at risk and victims of the sex slave trade. For costs and more details email us at info@davidtomberlin.com

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