Divine Order. Word for 2017By David Tomberlin


Word for 2017


Every year I seek the Lord for a word that will help guide believers in the New Year. This year couple of different words came into my heart over several days. Then today I felt I received what I consider to be the governing word over the year 2017.


Plan A vs Plan B

In the scripture there is a principle weaved throughout that speaks to God's plan and purpose in our lives. Theologically this is know as God's permissive will verses His perfect will. 


An example of this is when Israel cried out for a king. God wanted to lead them through His prophets, but they kept demanding, asking, praying and shouting. They wanted to be like everyone else. They wanted to be like their neighbors. They neighboring countries had a king, they wanted one too. So the Lord made allowances. God wanted a theocracy, His people wanted a kingdom.


A kingdom wasn't God's perfect will, but it was within His permissive will. Today many, want to "be like the other nations" , they don't want to be led by God but by the arm of the flesh. God has permitted this in the church for a season, but perfection is coming.


My sense is that for the last 7 or 8 years the church has been largely in the permissive will of the Lord and not the perfect will. We have been going a direction that the Lord allowed but was not His perfect plan.


We have politicians in the pulpit seeking to win people's favor like King Saul at the expense of disobedience to the Lord. Tickling ear prophets who want to please man and not God. Its great to engage people, to be kind and considerate, but when the choice is made to please man and displease God, the Glory begins to depart.  In many cases the fire has left the alter and subsequently many of the people of God are in rebellion, living as carnally as their unsaved neighbor. 



Change you can believe in (really)


A couple of refreshing exclusions to this in the last season were the prophetic voices of Sadhu Sundar Silververage and Lance Wallnau during this last election. When everyone wanted to hang them for their proTrump words, they stayed true and steadfast to the word of the Lord and were vindicated on Nov 11.

I believe their anointing is the prototype for the changing of the tide.


Delayed Destinies

After traveling to 62 nations I have learned that developing nations have kind hearted people, great food and in many cases wonderful character that has been developed through hardships.


I have also learned that a 3 hour bus trip often takes 5 hours or more. Why? Many unscheduled stops on the way, mechanical problems, road hazards, unsanctioned road blocks by self appointed, often armed regional leaders. And the occasional livestock incidents. The trip is delayed because stops were made that shouldn't have been.


That is what the last season was. There have been many delays because because we have made a lot of unnecessary stops on the way to our destiny (destination). 


When Israel left their bondage in Israel it should have taken 11 days to reach the promise land, but it took 40 years. Many died in the desert and all we delayed in the promises of God over their life. Why? For one reason, they were out of the perfect will of the Lord.


Changing Seasons


I have good news.


I believe the word of the Lord over 2017 is that God is restoring divine order in the church. The Lord is delivering us from plan B and restoring the church to His perfect will.


This last election in the USA was really an election of repentance.


It was the USA saying that we will no longer empower demonic forces to murder infants in the womb. We will no longer empower demonically lead leadership that will empower the progress of unchecked sexual perversion in our nation.

We will turn around and begin to do whats right. We will be more responsible financially. We will support Israel. We will strengthen our nation through proper trade and legal immigration. The nation of the USA is stepping into diving order.


As I looked with amazement at the guest list for the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast I was blown away. So many Spirit filled leaders filling the white house to help set our nation into divine order. Some who are friends or fellow ministers that I have shared the pulpit with or ministered with. These leaders are not milk toast ministers, but men and women who walk in the real power of God and the Spirit of Revival. The Glry is invading the highest office in the land!! We are living in exciting times.


Hope for the world

Nations outside the USA remember this, as the USA goes, so goes the world. The Lord is not just setting the USA unto divine order in 2017, but also the world.

In the spirit I see sons and daughters returning, people rededicating themselves to the Lord, ministers who had set their mantle down will pick it up again and stand their post. True repentance is here and is coming. This will also begin a season of great prosperity. 


The bible says that when God's people repent the land will be healed. I saw a drought in the southern part of the USA breaking and rain beginning to fall. I believe this speaks of the spiritual drought that has been in the south in the USA and I believe the Lord is restoring this bastion of revival.


I see the current generation of young people, who have had a lifetime of ungodliness and perversion thrown at them, weeping and repenting and getting right with God. 


I see business growing, contracts coming, inheritances and judgments coming through for believers. We are entering into a time of wealth and prosperity that this generation has yet to see!


Friends this will be a great hour, its a season of repentance that will lead to healing, restoration and blessing. 2017 is the year of divine order. I challenge and encourage you to step into it!