The Glory is in the CloudBy David Tomberlin





As I woke up a couple of days ago the Lord spoke to me " The Glory is in the Cloud". Then I began to get an unfolding revelation on it. Pretty amazing stuff.


Many Years ago I was in a Mahesh Chavda meeting and he had talked about a Glory cloud coming into his meeting and releasing various colors of Glory dust - red, green, blue etc and a manifest cloud was in the room swirling and moving about. He mentioned there was a DVD or tape (might have been that long ago) showing the manifestation of the cloud. After the meeting I quickly rushed to the back, purchased the dvd and went back to where I was staying and watched it right away.


Just as Brother Chavda had said- there was an ominous cloud moving and swirly and releasing different colors of dust and glitter. I was amazed by it but at the same time it wasn't what I was expecting. The cloud, if you will, looked 'ominous' 'unfriendly' almost 'not clean' even dirty. It really looked more like exhaust from a dirty, run down car or machine than a white puffy 'Disney"-like cloud that I expected. It was not upbeat- it was dark. It wasn't fresh and bright- it was almost dreary. And yet there was the Glory in it.


Several month ago if not over a year ago I saw a similar manifestation online at Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. This one was not as dark as the one I had seen earlier but it still looked more like exhaust that a white, puffy, joyful cloud that I would have expected to dispense such Glory. The cloud in Redding had chunks and flakes of Gold dust coming out of it and it stayed with the people for long after the meeting.


There is no question in my mind that both of these manifestations were from God. But as funny as it sounds I never liked the looks of the clouds- loved the Glory, but not the clouds. Yesterday the Lord began to speak to me about that.


In some instances clouds, figuratively speaking, even in the bible are good, positive things. They bring rain, provide shade etc. But usually there negative. They bring storms, they bring a heaviness as "dark cloud" follows someone. 


With clouds there is sometimes an inability to see through them, they can bring darkness blocking out the sun. They could be attributed to a lack of clarity or vision. Low lying clouds make driving difficult. For pilots they must use their instruments instead of sight to fly the plane when they are in the cloud because they cannot see. It brings disillusionment, insecurity, lack of direction, lack of vision, a sense of unknowing and heaviness.



Revelation 1:7 says ""Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." 


Here Jesus' return is marked by 'clouds' and 'mourning' or 'sorrow'. Many will be happy when Jesus comes but many won't.


In the same way many will be happy when the Glory of God comes and many won't. Often the Glory is carried in a 'package' like the 'cloud' that will bring offence or sorrow. That package could be the minister or it could be a ministry style. In Toronto, John Arnott was a very acceptable package but the manifestations were not. The cloud there was the ministry style or nuances of the move of God. In Lakeland both Rodney Howard Browne and Todd Bentley were the 'offending cloud." People didn't like the confrontational style of RHB or the tattoos of Bentley- the package of the person caused the offence. In this coming move that is really here already, many will deny that its God- mostly because the don't know what is God and what is not, but also because they don't like the darkness that comes with the Glory.


I read a comment on YouTube about the Glory Cloud in Bethel. The comment read something to the effect of "That is coming from the air conditioner- you people are so gullible." It was both funny and sad- Internet comments often bring out those whose opinions should best be kept private- but that to me was such a stretch that it well proves as an example of how far people will go to explain away what they don't like or don't understand. I have seen alot of air conditioners in my time but I've never seen one that forms clouds that spit out gold chunks.


When the Lord said "The Glory is in the Cloud" what He was saying was that the Glory accompanies darkness, at times lack of visibility, sometimes a heaviness. The early church suffered martyrdom and resurrections all in the same time. Smith Wigglesworth had his strongest miracles at the same time he had to wear a diaper because he was bleeding because of kidney stones.


Romans 8:17 says "Now if we are children, then we are heirs--heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory."


You need to know that there is a suffering that leads to His Glory. What you are going through now does not need be wasted. It does not disqualify you from breakthrough. It does not disqualify you from this fresh move of God that is stirring now. The challenges you face now will be accompanied by great Glory.


Attitude is everything. Paul and Silas in Act 16 were praising the Lord though they were wrongfully imprisoned and shackled. They had so many wrongs against them yet the STILL were praising HIM. In their storm, in their hurt, in their challenge, in their disillusionment, in their cloud they Praised Him and then the Glory and freedom came.


Friends we are in a fresh move of the Spirit- God is pouring out- amazing things are happening. No matter what you are going through get in the Glory like never before. Keep a right attitude before the Lord. Stop moaning asking "why me" or "why this or that God" PRAISE HIM and watch the Glory come into your cloud!! Don't miss what God is doing because of a wrong attitude- see with the eyes of Heaven!


Many will miss this fresh move of God because they don't like the cloud that comes with it.  What the Lord showed me was to focus on the Glory, not the Clouds. Clouds can be both useful and harmful but what we need to learn is that the Glory is what counts. Regardless of the size of the cloud all you need to do is focus on the Glory of God.


His Glory has all carries all- releases the Kingdom. Releases healing. Releases Provision- its all you need. 'Seek first the Kingdom of God' Everything you need will be added. Whatever you are going through look at the Glory and stop worrying about the clouds. He is in the Glory when you behold him the clouds have no power.