June 10, 2010 

I was at the meeting last night 7th June 2010. David thank you for being obedient to God and sharing your testimony so candidly. It was such a healing service for me, because I have been through an experience similar to yours. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour in May 2001, although I had grown up in a christian home. Baptised as a child and confirmed etc..but alas I didn't know God in a personal way until I was 31. Much like what you shared last night I wasn't spiritually aware. I delivered my third child in December 2003, after which I went into a deep depression.Only I wasn't aware what was going on but I remember having these morbid thoughts and condemning thoughts. I got to a point where I just wanted to end it all, because I was tired of the pain. I jumped into Lake Barley Griffith, and I still don't know what happened after that. I am not a swimmer, but something pushed me up and I shot up from the bottom of the lake. Right next to where I shot up was a ladder so I climbed out of the lake. I was confused for a few hours after that..wondering whether I was back on earth or whether I was already in heaven. I was asking people to take me to the city of God..I wanted to see God, because mentally I coudn't grasp that I was still alive. Today is the first time I have been able to talk about the experience again, because it was too painful. Your testimony set me free, from condemnation and shame. I now realize there is a spiritual reason behind what I did. I praise God today for bringing me closer to being completely restored! Thank you Lord.Amen