COMABy Staff

October 31, 2010 

Sylvia Cadena

Dear David, I attended your last conference in Pasadena Oct 31-Nov 3rd. I can't begin to tell you how much I was blessed. There have been several things that have taken place since the conference. First let me tell you THANK YOU for your obedient heart and for obeying the voice of our Lord Jesus.... First testimony - David you laid hands on me and prayed over me for a young 14 year old boy who's name is Rafael. He has been in coma for 4 weeks due to a skate boarding accident. The following Sunday I went to the hospital to pray over him and since then he has been moving both legs, arms and his eyes. The mother kept telling me thank you and I kept telling her to Thank Jesus!!!! It is truly a miracle to see him awake and alert..... Praise be to our king!!!!!!!! Second testimony - The last day of the conference Saturday night, during worship Heather Clark had an offering call. My heart sank because I only had three dollars left in my purse. I wanted to give so much more but I did not have any more. I put my three dollars in an envelope and gave it to the lord. When I got back to work on Monday I had a $25 Visa gift card on my desk.Thank You Jesus..... Third - What I am so amazed is how I felt the lord embrace me. You see in the beginning of this year I had a dream of these great men and women of God. In this dream I saw a huge stadium filled with people and across the sky I saw Heidi Baker and about 4 men's faces, I don't know who the men were. That's all the dream was. When I woke up I knew in my heart to start praying for these men and women of God. So this year I started it off by praying for all these very gifted and prophetic men and women of God and Larry Randolph is on my list. So here I am sitting next to this great man of God at this conference and he has no idea that I have been praying for him this whole year, but you see Jesus does (and that is all that matters). I just felt like God was just blessing me for that and this is just God's special way of telling me keep on praying for them. Fourth - In the beginning of the year I had a dream that I was standing in a church worshiping the lord and there was a young man who was the preacher. He was up in the front speaking to the people and all of a sudden the Glory of the Lord was all around him that I could no longer see this young man. I woke up. The presence of God left me numb when I woke up. I have been praying for this young man but I don't know who he is. When I first walked into this church I was shocked because it was the same church that was in my dream. When I saw you David my heart jumped out of my chest because I new you were that young man in my dream. Then I heard you David speak and I felt the Lord telling me "here he is! the one that I have showed you in your dream and have chosen". You and your family and ministry will forever be in my prayers... Blessings to you David and your family....... In his love Sylvia