March 9, 2011 

Melbourne, Australia

Awesome Aussie testimony ! Greeting in Jesus Name! During the recent visit to Melbourne by Joshua and David, myself and a another brother attended the meetings. We were blessed by the anointed praise and worship and the word of the Lord. We attended the dinner on Saturday where there was given personal words from the Lord to all the saints. My joy is that when brother David spoke, he said that the Lord was healing me and that I would be walking with Angels. My testimony is that I did not indicated to brother David what my concerns were, but I can truly say the Angels of the Lord have been actively working in my life and on my behalf. My back is pain is gone, it acted up leading to conference but I was determined to go. My Job was under serious threat, it is because I hold an elected position which must be renewed every four years and if I was to loose the election I would be unemployed immediately. I was notified through the Australian Electoral Commission yesterday that quote " NO CHALLANGE " the person standing against me has withdrawn. Praise Jesus! I'm employed for another four years. Our Heritage is! Is 54 : 17