December 6, 2004 

So many incredible things have been happening during our ministry travels around the world in the last couple months. We are living in incredible times and God is really showing himself strong and shaking things up in order to get the attention of His people. Some of the things God has been doing lately are sometimes hard for the average Christian to understand, let alone believe. However, we serve an extraordinary God and should be anything but “average” believers. For those who are engaging the Lord with a holy violence God is meeting them in powerful and significant ways. Without a doubt, we are living in days where God is speaking very clearly to His people and I want to share with you, in this report, some of the powerful things God has been speaking and doing even lately around the world. The Bible says in Acts 2:19; “I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath.” This report is just a sampling of some modern day occurrences of signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth in the last couple months: natural and heavenly fires, heavenly oil changes, an arm reaching down from heaven and a portal opening to the natural eye, golden tear drop from heaven, DNA of heaven showing up on pictures and miracles and healings in physical bodies. FIRE IN IOWA I was recently in Iowa ministering and one night I had just spent around 30 minutes sharing testimonies of God’s healing power in order to get the people’s faith to a place of really engaging heaven. Just as I began to release the healing wave someone’s camper caught on fire out in the parking lot. So, as I’m releasing the healing wave people are now running out of the meeting to check on their cars. The fire department came blazing into the church parking lot with their red lights flashing. The intercessors at the church had been seeing red flashing lights in their parking lot, in the spirit, all week but did not understand it. Now it was coming to pass right before our eyes. We all knew that this was demonic fire and distraction released from the Enemy to keep us from receiving from God. That night after the service I was just laying down to sleep for the night and I told the Lord that He had gotten my attention and I was listening if there was anything He wanted to say to me. At that very moment, I laid my head on the pillow and the fire alarm in the hotel went off. At this point I became absolutely amazed at the events of this night. As I got out of bed to be evacuated from the hotel the Lord told me to watch the faces of the people because there was a message in it. I was walking out of the hotel at around 1:15AM with many people who were awoken out of a sound sleep. They were groggy and wanted nothing more than to be able to return to the comfort of their beds and not be bothered by the red flashing lights of the firemen in the parking lot. After about 45 minutes of standing outside we were allowed to re-enter the hotel. Upon entering I asked one of the firemen what was the cause of the fire alarm going off. He said that they were really confused because they can almost always find a natural reason for it but they had checked every fire alarm and searched the rooms and could find absolutely NO reason for the fire alarm. I then knew that God was really speaking clearly! WAKE UP CHURCH I woke up that next morning with God abruptly saying to me: “WAKE UP CHURCH!” That morning I preached on Psalm 29 about the God of glory who thunders and shakes us out of our wilderness and causes things to give birth. As I’m preaching on the God of glory who thunders and shakes us, someone is outside the church watching as it begins to thunder and the whole sky fills up with clouds. A cloud formation appears in the shape of an arm and a hand reaching down from the heavens and rests right over the church. Suddenly the arm is retracted back into the heavens and a literal hole opens up in the clouds right over the church and the sky breaks forth with rain. This was all seen with the natural eyes as a sign and a wonder in the heavens and on the earth. I immediately called Bob Jones after the service to discuss it with him. We agreed that we are really in a very intense time of warfare over the attention and desires of the soul of man. The devil is releasing everything he can to distract and suppress the church into a slumber. Meanwhile, God is shaking things up in our lives to get our attention. God wants us to wake up and for those that will respond God will open up the portals of heaven and extend his arm of power and release the rains of heaven to put out all the demonic fires that rage around us! COME UP FROM YOUR GRAVES The week after being in Iowa I came together with Bob Jones, Jeff Jansen and Brad McClendon to minister at the Midwest Convergence in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was a gathering geared toward getting God’s heart for the hour and releasing it to the Church. God spoke so very clearly from the very beginning. The people were expecting some stupendous, awe-inspiring word to be released but instead the Lord spoke the least expected. God spoke to us about the Church being in a time of transition from the wilderness into the Promise Land. When Israel came up to the Jordan the first time and God was going to lead them in, they were defeated because of the issues of their own souls. Issues like self-rejection, doubt, fear, unbelief, worry, insecurity, unforgiveness, etc… The Church is now poised at the Jordan getting ready to enter into a Promise Land of God’s glory unlike the Church or the world has ever seen. However, at the gate is the greatest battle. The Devil tries to come against you and suffocate the life of God right out of you with depression, discouragement and accusation. At the same time God is standing by ready to rebuke the accuser on your behalf, take off your filthy garments (issues of the soul) and put a rich robe on your body and a clean turban on your head (Zech. 3:1-8). BREATH OF HEAVEN God is standing by right now at this moment, ready to release the breath of Heaven into your life and break off everything that binds us. However he is looking for a people who will look to Him that their faces might be radiant and not ashamed (Psalm 34). On the last night the Lord released a vision of Lazarus coming up from the grave and having fresh life breathed into him. Bob Jones and I also saw the Lord come into the meeting with a staff in hand and begin to stomp it on the ground in order to claim it. Jesus is at this present time, desperately wanting to lay claim to His inheritance. His inheritance is Us! God spoke forth and clearly said that He is claiming His Promise Land at this time. The Lord’s Promise Land is a people who completely die to themselves in order to become completely His. God is breathing fresh life into his army just like Ezekiel 37 and John 20:22 and saying it is time for us to come up from our graves and present ourselves before the Lord! Stay tuned for part 2 of this report about the Golden Teardrop from Heaven that fell in Cincinnati and the Heavenly Oil Change that took place in Detroit! GOLDEN TEAR DROP FROM HEAVEN On the last night of the Cincinnati conference I was releasing a healing wave and Bob Jones was sitting on the front row. Something fell out of thin air and hit him on the left cheekbone directly under his eye. Brad McClendon saw it and said it looked like a drop of liquid gold. Bob said this golden teardrop was the Father rejoicing in seeing His children bringing the reign of the Kingdom to earth. Psalm 126:5-6 says; They who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him! Jesus wept in the garden with great tears and agony. But He did it for the joy that was set before Him. He interceded for us sowing in tears knowing that His weeping would bring forth great seed of Kingdom harvest. For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross! We are His joy. God is now reaping the very thing Jesus sowed in seed form for us in the garden, which is His offspring doing the very works of the Kingdom of God. Jesus shed His blood for this very reason and the Father is overjoyed in seeing His children bringing back sheaves of harvest and generating fruit born out of His suffering. It is the Fathers good pleasure to give us the Kingdom... Bob said he hadn't seen the golden tear drop in 40 years. The return of the Glory of the Lord is at hand. Its time for the church (who has been asleep for 38 years) to make a b-line these next 2 years for the promise land! Remember Israel wandered 38 years in the desert and the last 2 years they entered into their inheritance. These next 2 years are critical for the Body of Christ. It’s critical that we wake up and possess the land. We must move forward into the purposes of God and fully access all that rightfully belongs to us as inheritors of the promises of God. MIRACULOUS POWER RELEASED After releasing the healing wave there were hundreds of miracles! That night we had a woman with metal in her feet, legs, and hips and the metal totally disappeared as she demonstrated by bending her legs all the way to the ground! Another woman was healed of deafness of over 20 years. A young boy deaf-mute from birth began to receive his hearing for the first time. I will send more detailed testimonies of the miracles in a follow-up report so stay tuned! HEAVENLY OIL CHANGE IN DETROIT There is presently a new purpose, vision and blueprint being released to the Body of Christ in a fresh way. As I flew into Detroit the week after Cincinnati the Lord showed me a car going through an oil change. The old oil was being drained out and the new fresh oil was being poured in. There is a remnant of people who are engaging the Lord daily and catching the vision and initiatives of heaven. There will be a people who connect with the Head in heaven and take on the Mind of Christ and learn of their true identity as friends of God. This group of overcomers will lay hold of the blueprints of heaven and truly carry heaven on earth. They will truly be Heavenly Ambassadors that express the government of Heaven everywhere they go because they are constantly tapped into the mind and heart of their home government in the heavenly realms. There is new purpose and destiny being released to those who in these times will respond to the shakings and engage heaven with holy violence. SIGN AND WONDER OF OIL CHANGE After releasing the word on the oil change I left the church building without touching any one or anything. As soon as I stepped outside the building I looked at my hands and they were covered in black grease as if I had just changed the oil in a car! God backed up this NOW word with a sign that makes you wonder! It’s time to set our faces like flint on the Lord and as we do this He will bring us up from our graves and breath new life into us and cause us to come into a holy union with Him! Blessings, Ryan Wyatt Abiding Glory Ministries.