Testimony from Ignite Revival and Evangelism Meetings

Denver, Co

Thank you, Jesus for your Son David Tomberlin! There was a great deal of Holy Spirit impartation and activation during the three evening David Tomberlin Ministries conference at Power Invasion Church in Denver Colorado. I would like to share some of my encounter and experience. Your messages each evening spoke deeply to me and were Holy Spirit timed. On Friday evening I was moved and blessed to be able to prepare a Duet. 1:11 seed and sew into your ministry Saturday. On Saturday evening, I purchased and you signed copies of “Amazed by the Power of God” for me and my two grown children. Later I was led to purchase several (50+) pre-“favor fabrics” to be blessed Sunday night. ON SUNDAY EVENING: · I experienced the very potent aroma of “cinnamon and roses” during worship and your message. · You blessed pre-“favor fabrics” I brought and Holy Spirit was imparted into them to create “Favor Fabrics” which were given to many attendees all who were moved at receiving them. · You imparted “Spiritual Gifts” to me directly as well all of which were exactly what I have contended for and been developing for a protracted season. · Afterwards a man commented to me that I looked familiar to him and that it was revealed to him (which he shared with me) the image of John Wimber was revealed to him in connection to what he felt (in spirit). How cool is that! I received it and thanked him! · When I got home I was led to pray [Pray and Obey] all night for a particular “desire” and by doing so this fruit would be made manifest. I propped myself up with every pillow I had, covered up, placed “Favor Fabric” on my head and in a comfortable rest asked out load for several desires then proceeded to pray (inaudibly) in tongues. · At 5:00 AM I had a dream and was visited by the Holy Spirit represented by what would be revealed as John Arnott and with spiritual eye contact and CONNECTION with Holy Spirit’s eyes “offense” was propitiated from me and “grace” imparted to me. [I have been engrossed in the book “The Bait of satan” by John Bevere which deals very well with offenses, even offenses we are unaware of.] · The DVD “The Gold & Oil” is very special testimony to be shared. The balance of the “Favor Fabrics” will be given through the “Healing Team” I am blessed to be a part of and during home and hospital visits. Included with these “Favor Fabrics” will be Healing verses including; Act 19:11 NKJV - Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, Act 19:12 NKJV - so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. As well as information and encouragement to share testimonies to David Tomberlin Ministries at info@davidtomberlin.com and encouragement to sew into you ministry.