Revival Flow Network

Many church leaders, pastors, evangelists, worship leaders and missionaries have approached David over the years for counsel, discernment, friendship and covering. Therefore we are now setting up a network of churches, traveling ministries and worship leaders etc.that will consider David their covering. 


The vision of the ReVival Flow Network is to release the Kingdom of God on the earth- healing the sick, cleansing the leper, casting out devils, helping the poor and oppressed, training up leaders, releasing extravagant worship and most of all preaching the Gospel all over the world- so that some might come to know Christ.  


Those with like-minds looking for an apostolic covering should connect with David at info@davidtomberlin. In the subject line please write " Revival Flow". We will take it from there on what being a Revival Flow Network member entails and we will see if it a good fit for everyone involved.


Many multiplied blessings as you continue to seek first the Kingdom! Everything will be added to you!


Residing in His Kingdom!

David Tomberlin