Cowden, Ilinois Extened Revival Meetings Mar 16 - Mar 18, 2018
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Catch the Fire Church

Cowden, Ill

Catch the Fire church Cowden Ill has been experiencing a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit. Only 1 hour east of St Louis, all who are hungry in the area should come to the waters and drink. Its so important to take time to get in God's Presence. God's Presence rests in this place, many healings, salvations, deliverences, Baptisms in water, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, salvations, changed lived have occurred in the previous months. Do what you can do to come and get in the Presence of God for these 3 nights where we will gather together and press in to draw near to the Lord.


All meetings free and open to the public.

7pm Fri

7pm Sat

10am Sun

6pm Sun