Ministry Endorsements              

 (In a private meeting July 2017) Dr Cho Said, "David, I just have met you, but I feel very close to you because of the Holy Spirit..." During Impartation prayer. "I pray Father ,that everything you gave me for world evangelism, You would give to David Tomberlin."  

Dr. David Cho

Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church (largest church in the history of the world)

Author of "The Fourth Dimension"


David Tomberlin has always been a man of God that I highly love and respect. His friendship has been meaningful and our fellowship has been rich over the years and is only getting richer. He carries a heavy mantle for prophecy and evangelism and God uses him, not only in the operation of those gifts, but in the impartation of them. In fact, when David recently visited my church, through our fellowship I felt a tangible increase in faith for miracles and words of knowledge, and it came to expression in the service. David is a gift to the Body of Christ and I look forward to a lifetime of friendship, partnership, and fellowship with him.

Pastor Benjamin Robinson
Living Hope Christian Center, Emeryville

David Tomberlin is a young man with a tremendous zeal for the things of God. I have had an opportunity to see David mature and develop over several years in and outside of his classes here at Fuller. He is a unique person, enthusiastically pursuing the deep things of God through prayer, fasting, listening to God and diligently studying God's Word. I am pleased to hear how God is using David as an evangelist to the lost and a revivalist to the church. As a spiritual father, it is a great privilege to recommend David’s ministry to you.

Dr. Charles H. Kraft
Professor of Anthropology
Fuller Theological Seminary
Author of Defeating Dark Angels,
Deep Wounds, Deep Healing,

David Tomberlin is a true disciple of Christ who desires more than anything to Love God and minister to His people. You can expect the God's power to move through this man of God, whether it be in the preaching of the Word, or the laying on of hands. He has such a heart for evangelism and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and this is evident by the lives transformed through his ministry. His passion for Christ and his compassion for the world makes him a very effective servant of God. His caring heart and openness to share love brings encouragement and support to all who know him. One of the things that I really appreciate about David is his ability to make anyone he meets, even for the first time, feel loved, and I know that it is the Spirit of Christ that is working through him to touch lives. God has taken David to many wonderful places throughout the world, but it is evident in his life that the greatest place for David is in the presence of God. David is always willing to learn from others, and God will continually use him to do greater and greater works for God's Kingdom. I am grateful to the Lord for such a down to earth friend, a faithful church member, and a fellow servant in Christ who pursues God with his whole heart.

Pastor Douglas Park
Journey Fellowship, Los Angeles